Why is Maintenance Important

Proper Maintenance now prevents costly repairs later

A good example is your timing belt. If not replaced at its proper service interval it can lose teeth or break causing thousands of dollars in internal engine damage. Please feel free to contact us anytime for information about your cars maintenance secludes.

Below is a list of a few of our available maintenance services.

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Pacific Park Car Care Services


Complete Electrical Repair

From a simple Light bulb to a complex Fault diagnosis, we can provide all of your Electrical Repair needs. We also service alternators, starters, cooling system fans, wiring harnesses, computer control systems just to name a few. Complete hybrid repair also available


Transmission and Clutch

We provide complete transmission and clutch Repair on all makes and models including those that other shops are afraid to touch. All our rebuilds are completed on the premises, by our techs; we do not send this work out as most other shops do. We also service and repair CV joints, drive axles drive shafts and differentials.


Engine Rebuilding

Here at Pacific Park Auto Care we take great pride in our Engine rebuild service. All our rebuilds are done in house, using factory specifications and using only the highest quality parts, assembled by Oscar himself. Our strict standards of quality ensure you a premium rebuild that you cannot find at any other shop.


Inside Our Shop

Our spacious work area allows repair to multiple vehicles simultaneously. All of our equipment, from the lifts to the sophisticated computer diagnostic tools is of the highest possible quality. We keep a large stock of commonly used parts and fluids which allows us quick repairs without waiting for “the parts truck”

Our Standard Repair Guarantee

At Pacific Park Auto Care All Repairs are Guaranteed for 12 Months or 12,000 Miles, Whichever Occurs First.

Please Remember; Warrantees can vary in length, either longer or shorter. Oil for example, needs to be replaced every 6 Months or 3,000 miles where as a rebuilt engine has a longer warranty. Your complete Warranty will be explained to you at the time of service before any work begins